Does the gender gap in education predict the diminishing role of men in our economy?

To see into the future, look at 8th grade.  If an 8th grader gets As and Bs in school that student will likely earn a college degree.  If that same student gets only Bs and Cs college completion is unlikely.  That is one of the stunning conclusions from authors Thoma DiPrete and Claudia Buchmann in their report on gender mobility, and college attainment.  The implication of their findings are astonishing when correlated with the data that girls do better than boys in school by 8th grade and continue to widen their lead over boys in educational success.  Over a life time recent data reveals that a college graduate will earn over $800,000 more than a high school graduate.  The educational gender gap suggests that women may become the primary drivers of the US economy.  What are the implications for defining one’s masculinity if this prediction becomes reality?