When Montana congressional candidate Greg Gianforte body-slammed the reporter Ben Jacobs, breaking his glasses, some members of the alt-right press and the twitter world labeled Jacobs as a “snowflake.”  A snowflake is currently the term attributed to a fragile, emasculated boy-man cry baby that has replaced “wuss” and other assorted feminizing expletives.  According  to a recent piece in the New York Times the term snowflake owes its origin to the 1996 novel “Fight Club.”  In the novel club members who are seeking a new social model for men to share their lives repeat a mantra, “You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.”  What was the  labeling of Jacobs as a snowflake intending to convey?   Since Jacob’s response to being assaulted was pressing charges instead of trying to hit Gianforte back he was now seen as less of a man.  I guess the name callers felt that after being physically beaten a real man just walks away and accepts his fate.

It appears that the hyper- masculine Neanderthal movement is so confused by a new paradigm of masculinity that they feel they must revert to the mythical notions of masculinity instead of embracing a pride in masculinity that is not based on false stereotypes.   In the Gianforte vs. Jacobs incident we can see that Gianforte unleashed his warrior archetype with physical aggression.   He was annoyed with Jacobs questioning and responded with a violent attack.   Jacobs, instead of trying to fight back, left the room and then filed assault charges against Gianforte.   Is Jacobs less of a man because he didn’t respond physically?   Certainly not.   He unleashed his warrior assertively without violence.   He didn’t just walk away with his tail between his legs admitting to being dominated by a physically superior adversary.  Instead he responded to the bully utilizing the law and the court of public opinion.   Despite the Neanderthals cheering Gianforte’s actions he was ordered to pay a fine, perform community service and take anger management training.  He also avoided a civil lawsuit by writing a letter of apology to Jacobs and donating $50,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The take away is that choosing an assertive response that may not fit the traditional mold of violent confrontation is still manly and far from being pigeon holed as a delicate snowflake.  However, given the Jacobs name calling aftermath it is obvious that a segment of the male population is still having a hard time accepting that attributes such as compassion, non-violent assertiveness, thoughtful advocacy and respecting women are traits of a modern real man not a feminized snowflake.

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  1. The real issue and focus as your alluding to is how we as not just men but as a human that bottle or stuff our emotions. Then when the one person that triggers you when one might be sitting on dinomite field waiting to explode at a remark which doesn’t elicit such a violent response does so then boom the displaced anger is released upon a poor soul. That is the real issue not to be admired but to be realized as work is to be by that man who likely repeats the behavior.

  2. Will one be respected by others if you don’t ruff them up a little. Like the cops in NYC or elsewhere attitude. They ruff you up when no one is looking right?
    I’m not agreeing with any Of The behavior I just mentioned, yuck. It would be like not evolving or something.

  3. Hi Rich ! It’s been a while . I was struck by a couple things contained in your assessment of the Gianforte-Jacobs debacle and a couple things that were unobserved as well as a really deficient definition of the term “Snowflake “.
    Let’s begin with a bit more complete definition of ” Snowflake ” . Lets allow the definition from the novel Fight Club , despite the fact that it only describes a bare minimum sometimes also included meaning of the term. ” Snowflake” also connotes the very abhorrent , destructive , and violent , antics of the generation of Millennials epitomized by the occupy Wall st. crowd , the brats at Berkely who after tossing fire bombs, throwing bike racks through windows and beating up known conservative students and professors alike race off to their “safe spaces” in an effort to recover from the threat of having to hear an opinion that counters whatever their myopic notion of a world view might be .
    Gianforte’s behavior is equally worthy of contempt ; when is violence ever acceptable as a solution to a conflict . Maybe violence is acceptable in an instance of home defense . Even then in todays world it is probably best to keep the phone # of a good attorney on speed dial . So how did these two guys get here ???
    It’s actually a case of obstreperous puppy ( Ben Jacobs ) epically failing in his role as reporter, Followed by Greg Gianforte inexorably establishing himself as a wild beast in the midst of society . Quite an afternoon !
    How did Jacobs screw up ? I go back to a biblical reference to Samson and his slaying of an army of Philistines using only the Jawbone of an ass as a weapon. Jacobs killed the opportunity to secure an interview he wanted using the same weapon. According to a witness ( Alicia Acunia ) who was right there when the violence occurred . Jacobs wanted to know Giabforte’s opinion of the House Health Care bills CBO score. Upon which Gianforte replied ‘please talk to Shane’ ( Gianforte’s publicist ) Jacobs replied ‘ there isn’t time for that ‘. This was the fatal ‘ Snowflake’ interview killing moment.
    ‘There isn’t time for this’, really? Even a complete rube like me knows that the person who has the thing that you want says what is fair to get it. The inference from Jacob’s comment is that because Jacobs has now arrived upon the scene all considerations should fall in line with his expectations/demands Ben Jacobs is no social warrior ! At best he is an inept reporter lacking in the basic social skills to accomplish his job . To lionize this kid is almost as big an injustice as the roughing up he got.
    Thereafter Gianforte asked’ are you from the Guardian ?’ Jacobs replied yes . Gianforte then blew up , exclaiming ‘ one of you guys did the same thing the other day … I’m sick of this !’
    The soon to be congressman body slammed Jacobs and the rest is history .
    No Rich , this is no social warrior slaying the proverbial dragon .
    At best we have an inept , kid reporter blowing his day’s assignment . Hey by the way , according to Alicia Acunia the lady wo witnessed the clash , asurprising number of peoplewho voted for the Democrat in early voting wanted to change their vote to Gianforte after the fight ( according to a poll conducted following the election.
    By the way Gianforte deserved the PTI conviction , the $50,000. contribution to the fund he paid into , as well as the anger management classes .
    As to Social warrior accolades I believe the Capital Police security cop who returned fire even after being wounded in the foot and blew away the enraged far left Bernie supporter would be assassin is a truly valiant social warrior ( and oh yes thanks to MSNBC we also all know she is also gay…. as if that is at all relevant? Brave is brave get over yourselves !)

    1. Appreciate your thoughtful response. I agree that whether it is from the left or the right violence is not a manly response under most conditions. The Berkeley crowd who used violence as a form of social protest are not snowflakes. The message I was seeking to convey is that an assertive non-violent response is manly. As Gandhi so aptly said, “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.” Gandhi was no snowflake.

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