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As a man of the baby boomer generation seeking to fully understand how his sense of masculinity evolved and how that has changed for men who have come of age in the 21st century, I recently completed a memoir with a working title “Walk Like A Man. “   In it I explore my developing sense of being a man and how that played out in my adult life.   My interest in men’s issues began almost 25 years ago when I joined a non-profit organization “Men Mentoring Men.”  As a president and group leader I have  learned to embrace the unique journey of men trying to express their masculinity that fits with the values and mores of our modern society.  I currently work as a parenting/family coach and trainer at Growing Great Relationships, LLC, am the author of Family Centered Parenting (2011) and hold a doctorate in educational administration.   I am married and the father and stepfather of six children and grandfather of seven.

Please also check out my website www.amanscoach.com for men interested in a coach experienced with men’s issues.

Richard C. Horowitz, Ed.D.

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