Real Men Do Cry – II

I was watching Monday Night Football last week and witnessed, along with millions of others, Damar Hamlin’s fall to the ground.  It was obvious that this was not a routine injury as he lay lifeless  on his back.  As the athletic trainers hovered over him many of his teammates formed a wall around the medical personnel to try to protect Damar’s privacy as life support measures were being applied.   What caught my attention while the television announcers were trying to fill the time was the reaction of the players on both teams.  Many of them were openly and unashamedly shedding tears for their fallen comrade.  Additionally, the players on both teams were in agreement that the game should not continue and the NFL agreed.  I doubt that anyone would deny that professional football players fit the label “Real Men.”  The takeaway is that contrary to the outdated stereotype that boys are taught that men don’t cry and don’t express their emotions millions of young men and boys witnessed the emotional response of their heroes.   The manner in which the players reacted to Damar’s condition is further proof that it is time to abandon the real men don’t cry stereotype.